Why “Going Green” With Solvent Recyclers Can Help Your Business

You can save face as a responsible, “green” corporation while also saving money on buying solvent. In many cases, if you buy a solvent recycler from a knowledgeable vendor, your investment could be paid off on an average of less than one year from time of purchase. Not only will the investment pay for itself, but you can avoid waste removal costs, excessive solvent purchasing costs, and give your company a public profile that promotes your stance on being responsible to maintaining a clean environment.

There are obvious advantages to recycling your own solvent. The first advantage stems from the recent positive publicity from “going green.” While it is beyond the scope of this article to discuss issues such as global warming or water conservation, these and other environmental issues have taken center stage in the media. If your company already recycles its solvent, taking advantage of your contribution to the well-being of the environment will make other companies want to do business with you. The trend of “going green” will stay around for a while. Other companies such as Wal-Mart and Starbucks ride their green reputations to profitability. Even if you are involved in the B2B community, other companies want to do business with companies that are seen as responsible.While using solvent recyclers helps your green profile, your bottom line should also be helped in a more concrete way as well. Whether your company uses solvents in the manufacturing process or in some other manner, solvents cost money. Disposing of used solvent also costs money. Not only is the price of solvent going up, but the price of disposing also goes up. By recycling solvent, instead of procuring new solvent, your company can reuse over and over. Also, since regulations require that used solvent be disposed of in a lawful manner, you become dependent on your waste hauler to take care of this service. Waste haulers can end up charging you a lot for this service, knowing that you are in position to not be able to refuse. Your supply of solvent can be reused with solvent recyclers. You also lose your dependence on waste disposal businesses.

Solvent recyclers generally pay for themselves within the first year. A competent, professional vendor of solvent recyclers can help you determine the type of machine appropriate to your operation. There are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions to recycling your solvent. Each industry and each business within an industry uses various amounts of solvent. A machine that is too small will be inconvenient while a machine that is too big will be wasteful overkill. Also, some businesses want a solvent recycler that can be automated to a large degree. After all, these organizations are not in the recycling business. They want to spend as little time as possible having to mind the recycling machine. Your solvent recycler should work within your organization. It should dovetail with your company’s processes. Contacting a supplier of solvent recyclers should help you achieve this end.

Owning a business in these times is more challenging than ever. You not only have the responsibility to your bottom line, but now there is the added responsibility of being a good corporate citizen. The good news is that you can balance these needs. Regardless of your industry you can save money through the use of solvent recyclers. Not only can you save money by reducing the costs of purchasing new solvent, you can also control your waste disposal costs. The added benefit of having these machines also comes from your ability to promote your business’s ecological consciousness. recycling machines

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