Pedicure Equipment

Pedicure equipment refers to all the items used in the process before, during and after a professional pedicure. It can include anything from the actual furnishings (like a nail spa chair) to implements designed specifically for use on the feet. Quality professional pedicure supplies are an integral part of running a salon. Some are reusable and others are disposable supplies that will need to be replaced more frequently. Either way, having the right tools is essential for doing a quality job and ensuring that your clients walk away happy and satisfied with their manicures.

Nail scissors are a basic tool that is needed for trimming nails to a desired length. This is particularly important for those with longer toenails as they are more likely to grow ragged or catch on things. It is also important to keep these sharp and hygienic to avoid cutting too much of the nail or creating ragged edges that can lead to infection.

Foot files are another of the most important tools for keeping the feet soft and smooth. They are especially helpful in removing calluses and rough spots on the feet. It is important to scrub the feet before using a foot file to help remove the dead skin that has built up.

Cuticle oil is also a necessary item to have on hand. It helps to keep the nails moisturized and can be applied before applying nail polish to prevent smudges and chips.

Finally, a top coat is also essential for maintaining the look of a manicure or pedicure. It will help the color last longer and can also be reapplied if needed. It is recommended to apply a top coat once every four days. Équipements de pédicure

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