Utility Management Made Easy With Boxfish

Utility management refers to the process of monitoring and controlling energy costs for businesses. It involves tracking the cost and consumption of utilities like electricity, water and gas. Smart utilities management can also include identifying areas where energy is being wasted and making changes to save money.

With the global energy crisis causing prices to spike, utility management has never been more important. But managing utility expenses can be a time-consuming task for property managers. It’s an all-encompassing job, involving phone calls, endless rounds of email threads and a lot of hassle. That’s where Boxfish come in. We offer a simple solution to your business’s pesky utility management that can help make your life easier.

Using a utility tracking and management software you can get detailed reports on each facility’s consumption on a day to day basis. These reports can be used to determine if there are any assets in the facility that consume more than usual. These breakdowns can be a huge benefit for organizations and will reduce their utility costs.

Another benefit of using a utility management software is that it provides accurate consumption data for budget allocation purposes. This helps to eliminate unnecessary utility expenditure and save businesses money in the long run. It can also help to establish sustainability goals and track progress toward them. This is especially helpful for companies looking to improve their reputation as a green corporate citizen. It can also help to identify energy hogs within the organization so that they can be targeted with energy-efficient measures. utility management

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