Understanding How To Hunt With Crossbows

Many people buy a crossbow and take it out into the wilderness with no experience of how to use it correctly to be able to get the best kill. To be a success involves acquiring some important information.

The following tips should be implemented to enhance your skills with a crossbow –

Crossbow Cocking: Accuracy cannot be achieved unless the crossbow string is repeatedly latched to the same spot,

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 and this needs to be central. You can easily buy a cocking aid that will help you to get this right each time. If the bow is not cocked correctly then you run the risk of having the bolt fly off at an unexpected angle which may be very dangerous for people around. You can use permanent ink to place the correct mark on the string.

Using a Rest: It may not be seen as authentic to some people, but by using a tripod or stand you are going to seriously enhance the accuracy of your shots. Keep in mind that a crossbow is not as powerful as a rifle, the speed of a bolt is only 10 per cent of that of a bullet. This means that any shot may deviate by ten times when compared to that from a rifle. Stands are easy to get hold of and do not weigh so much. They are a great investment and are a wonderful way to get a feel for hunting with crossbows.

Distance: Many first time crossbow hunters believe that their weapon is powerful enough to bring down a large animal at more than fifty yards. If you are a crack shot then it may be possible but for most people it will be very difficult. The bolt loses trajectory for every yard it travels. For example if it flies sixty yards it will drop by around forty eight inches, if travelling at 350 feet per second. Therefore it is important to get as close to the animal as possible. Usually thirty yards is the best distance as the shot will be more effective and you are still far enough away to not disturb the animal.

When you buy a crossbow it can be very useful to discuss the various factors with somebody that has prior experience. This will bring better results in the long run. #4 screw diameter

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