Advantages of Custom Screen Printing Apparel

Screen printing is the oldest and most versatile method for creating promotional apparel. It’s perfect for everything from custom t-shirts to hats, bags, and more. Screen printing is also great for large orders, with a lower price point per item than digitally printed clothing. This method is based on a stencil-like screen, which uses a special ink to transfer designs onto a shirt. The price adjusts according to the number of colors used in the design and how many shirts are being made.

One of the biggest advantages of screen printing is that it produces durable, high-quality merchandise. The ink is thick and the print will not crack, peel, or fade with repeated washings. In addition, it is more cost-effective than digital printing for larger orders and t-shirts that will be worn frequently.

Depending on the garment, some colors may not transfer well, so be sure to discuss this with your custom screen printer. Additionally, choose artwork that has a high resolution to ensure that the image is crisp and clear. Also, avoid images with small spaces that would be difficult to fill in with inks. A good custom screen printer can help you tighten up your designs and make them workable, so bring in a clip of what you want to see it printed on a shirt before committing to an order.

If you want your custom apparel to look more polished and professional, consider adding embroidery. This is a great option for hats and polo shirts, as it creates a more tailored look and feel. It’s a perfect way to add a company logo or individual employee names to your custom apparel.

Embroidery is more expensive than digital printing, but it’s a great choice for high-quality, upscale products. It’s also ideal for corporate uniforms, as it will enhance the overall quality of the outfit and make your employees look more professional. In addition, embroidery can be applied to other accessories as well, such as tote bags, aprons, and hoodies. So, after you get your screen-printed t-shirts, grab some matching tote bags and have them embroidered with everyone’s initials. They will look great and be even more durable than your t-shirts. custom screen printing apparel

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