Types of Jewelry Cultural Version of Java Indonesia

Here are categories of the cultural treasures of Java in Indonesia : • agate

Carnelian can help with issues of physical and emotional personality. The legend says that users are protected from the dangers of carnelian and bless the wearer with courage. Carnelian is believed to cure insomnia disease (severe insomnia), offering a beautiful dream and help balance the body. Types of agate with the ability to: Moss Agate: improving the relationship with the natural environment. green moss helps to eliminate toxins in the blood and balance the emotional energy. red moss helps to purify the blood and increase stamina. Tree Agate: Introspection clearly help to see the world through a broader perspective and to reduce fever and toxicity Agate line / Band: help pull the power, a feeling, not enough strength and courage to overcome Agate / Interwoven: overcoming the despair and depression, caused excitement and muscle tension and spasms. Blue Agate helps the body fluids and give peace of emotional balance. Agate is like a spring bird: strengthening the blood vessels and overcome anxiety for no apparent reason. Useful in reducing anxiety in hunting or driving directions Carnelian beads: additional protection against traveler / wanderer, an adventurer of the stone Carnelian Eyes: Protect from damage to the body and remove negative thoughts Agate dendrites: the balancing of blood sugar levels. It is the cornerstone of the adventurers to the safety and strength to ensure Carnelian India: to give physical strength to overcome insecurities / no peace and the elimination of physical and mental weaknesses Botswana Agate: Coping with the uncertainty of the direction and personal goals • Alexandrite

Alexandrite can help people deal with ourselves to improve trust and increase your ability to feel happiness. In Russia, alexandrite is to wear a good sign is believed. Alexandrite is also the sexual potency, and it is not enough to overcome a feeling of love in their lives.

• Amethyst

Used to the strength of the internal / spiritual and intuitive person to increase supervision. Also used to relieve headaches. According to legend, use the Amethyst or drinking from the cup it will prevent poisoning. • Aquamarine

Aquamarine is often used for a good life and merciful love. It is said to relieve depression and sadness. It is also believed to feel the love at couples who were married longer and help to bring new friends. According to legend, aquamarine as earrings / stud earrings and love to bring good influence worn. Other uses are for the eye / vision to help, thus ensuring the retention of body fluids and the safe passage through the ocean.

• Blood Stone

His main tool is to stimulate the flow of energy healing for all, combating of trauma, removal of restrictions and emotions stimulate the circulation. Bloodstone is believed to be in a position to stop the bleeding just by touch. In addition to its role in traditional medicine in the blood stone is also used to add insight into the worldview of a man. In the Middle Ages, Bloodstone is believed to be something special, because the power points / red stains on the stone than the blood of Jesus Christ (Jesus Christ).

• Carnelian

Carnelian used to the mind (not in a position to see the reality) is clear. Suitable increase of balancing the process of thought and creativity and the level / energy level. Around the year 1700, carnelian is to force protection, happiness and comfort. In the year 1800 is able Carnelian need as human beings, the courage to help talk. • Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is often used for the protection of intellectual and overcome mental fatigue / emotional. Often referred to as the Stone of Victoria (“Victory Stone” refers.) In 1800, Chrysoprase is said to help thieves are lost sight of (invisible). Other properties that strengthen the heart and eyes helps to focus at work, to prevent nightmares, drive out demons and eliminate the clutter of the mind. The stone is also used by people who use a lot of work with the brain (author, composer). • Citrine

Citrine is to help people connect with the spirit / mind helps the assimilation of food to help people who do not communicate openly and can the development of peace of mind. • Diamond

Diamond, the quality of the self and the ability to see things clearly both positive and negative, direct and honest. Also in overcoming the sense of security materially instability. The quality of the stone, the better the Power Accessories. It is a symbol of courage is not invincible. Hindus believe that the diamond is not of good quality or with a patch that brings misfortune to lift / remove Batara Indra from the highest place in heaven. Currently, most diamonds poor quality (eg poor color), still used for industrial purposes. • Emerald

Emerald is used for emotional healing and is exceeded Physics in neurological diseases and lack of perception and inner clarity. In Persia and her said, “Whoever has that charm of such a special protection is given by God.” According to legend, the Emerald is the memory of the owner to help the speed of mind and creativity, and predict the future increase. blue topaz ring

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