Blue Topaz Ring – Channel Calming Energies

With its sea-like blue tones, a beautiful Blue Topaz ring can help you channel soothing energies that can fight off stress and negative feelings. It also promotes calm communication and helps you get over anger by bringing to the surface the emotions behind it so you can learn to let go of it.

Blue Topaz carries a deep symbolism of love, loyalty and friendship. It’s a popular choice for engagement rings and makes a thoughtful gift for a loved one. It is a popular alternative to diamonds for those who want to enjoy the beauty of a large gemstone but at prices that fit their budgets.

Like many gems, Blue Topaz is a reasonably tough stone with a Mohs scale rating of 8. While it is durable enough for daily wear, it still needs to be treated gently. It’s best to avoid sudden temperature changes, excessive pressure or contact with household chemicals like hairspray and perfume. It’s also best to have your blue topaz jewelry cleaned regularly to keep it looking its very best.

For the spiritually minded, this gem is known as a stone of universal wisdom or guidance. It is said to have a direct link to the vaults of universal wisdom, which are accessible through meditation and other esoteric practices such as astral projection. Adding blue topaz to your energy crystal collection can open up the portals to this knowledge and enhance your ability to access these archives during regular life.

The calming energies of this stone can also be used to soothe the throat and reduce stress. It eases jaw clenching and tension, shifts migraine pressure, and relieves sore throat. It is also a very effective tool for helping you to overcome fears and phobias.

Blue topaz can help you discover and honor your own truths and values. It can show you the way to forgive yourself and others, releasing anger and resentment in order to live a peaceful life. It is a great stone to have when you’re dealing with a toxic relationship, as it can bring to light any hidden issues that need to be addressed in order to make things better.

As the birthstone of December, blue topaz can also be beneficial for Sagittarius and Capricorn horoscope signs. Amplifying their strengths and gifts, it can help them achieve their goals and dreams. It can be particularly helpful for Sagittarius, who is often impulsive and unsure of themselves. It can also help them stay grounded and focus on what really matters in their lives. It can also be a helpful tool for Capricorn, who is often driven by ambition and ruthless determination. It can encourage them to be more flexible and open-minded, which can bring them more joy in their relationships and work. It can also help them to realize that they are not alone in their endeavors and that they have support from the universe.

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