The Value of an MBA

Often, when people hear the term mba, they think of smiling CEOs on Forbes magazine covers or images of world financial centres with towering skyscrapers filled with bustling white-collar workers speaking on their iPhones. They also might think of the hefty fees of top business schools. However, a master of business administration (MBA) isn’t all about money and power. An MBA is a valuable credential that can help professionals advance to higher-level management positions, shift careers, or start their own business.

Depending on the type of program, MBA students may learn about a variety of subjects, including economics, marketing, strategy, finance, and accounting. They can also customize their experience through concentrations, elective classes, and internships with actual companies.

In addition, MBA programs can teach students about how to handle different scenarios, such as navigating difficult conversations and managing conflict. They can also learn the importance of networking and how to make connections with colleagues across industries.

For example, the popular degree in international business teaches students about managing cross-cultural teams and aligning business goals across borders. These skills are useful in any industry, but they’re especially relevant when working in global markets.

The most valuable aspect of an MBA, according to Bennett, is the network it creates. She says her MBA has opened doors she never thought possible and taught her how to be more flexible in the ever-changing business environment. The skills she’s learned have become “life-changing,” she says.

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