The magic effect of tretinoin

Tretinoin manufacturer regarded tretinoin as providential fetish – anti-aging golden warrior, then we have to try this legendary magical cream which is able to nourish our skin make it becomes smooth and shiny without pores and zero fine lines. Tretinoin has stimulating effect on the skin, if applied to the skin surface during the day, it is easy to produce facial erythema, burning sensation, after exposure to sunlight, also prone to produce pigmentation, the reaction increase with the drug concentration increases, so do not use during the day, it should be used in the evening or at bedtime (if the stimulation is too strong then used it every other day). There are 5 reasons to use tretinoin (here the tretinoin is referred to any types of vitamin A):

Really makes the skin becomes tight, tretinoin is actually proven that can pull and firm skin, eliminate wrinkles. It acts on increasing the skin collagen and hyaluronic acid reserves, so that make the skin becomes compact and flexible. Scientists conducted an experiment: 36 women participating in the experiment, their average age is 87 years old, received three times a week, each time is 0.4% dose vitamin A treatments (this is the lower dosage sold in the counter); after 24 weeks, the skin improvement is obvious. Thus conceivable that what will be the effect of night medication!

Delay skin aging, while tretinoin increasing collagen and hyaluronic acid reserves, they also can reduce the loss with increasing age, thus preventing the appearance of wrinkles. This is why from young age to start taking tretinoin. Pay attention to insist on using in order to have sustained effect, otherwise, the skin will come back to the original.

Let skin balance and shiny, retinoic acid can remove the dead skin cells in skin surface, better than other market sales agents exfoliating scrub. Medication for a period of time will feel its side effects – skin redness and peeling. But once your skin adapted it (with appropriate taking process), you will have a more smooth and moist skin. Moreover, if you have sunburn skin, melasma or pigmentation problems, tretinoin will promote the repairing process, and much cheaper than the multi-pulse therapy.

Tretinoin can improve acne, wrinkles, shrink pores. For now, the best anti-aging products one is sunscreen, the other is the product that use tretinoin as cosmetic raw material. But use tretinoin will feel very stimulation, retinol as the derivative of tretinoin, enter into skin cells, will have a slow process of transformation, and ultimately converted into tretinoin, compared to direct use tretinoin, it will make skin more comfortable, also convenient for sensitive skin try this component. In addition, in the cream texture state it is the most stable, in water and oil it will be relatively stable, it is best to choose creamy texture.

It should be noted that there will be some minor stimulation while start medication, most of the skin can be adapted and tolerated, after a period of time can be gradually disappear, if irritation persists or worse, can use under the guidance of a doctor or suspend using, can not be used in eyes. While using tretinoin cream, do not use other drugs in order to avoid too strong stimulation. Tretinoin Buy

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