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Whether you’re an RV owner looking to have your vehicle professionally detailed or a professional detailer considering adding RV detailing services to your menu of options, you need to understand that washing an RV is not the same as washing a car. Everything from the wash equipment to the materials and surface of an RV are different, so it’s important to know a few essential RV detailing tips.

The first thing to remember is that RVs are large, so they take more time to clean than a smaller vehicle. It’s also important to use RV-specific cleaning products that are designed for the unique materials used in an RV. The best RV cleaning products will have high customer ratings and be safe for your vehicle. You’ll want to avoid using regular car wash soaps and detergents, which can be too harsh and damage your RV.

Once you’ve cleaned your RV’s exterior, it’s a good idea to wax it to protect the paint job and keep it in good condition. RV waxes are typically a bit more expensive than car waxes, but they last longer and will protect your RV better. Be sure to apply the wax in wide circular motions, and allow it to dry completely before driving.

Another service that is often offered by RV detailing companies is a de-winterizing package. This service will get your RV ready for the next season by flushing through the water system, checking the oil and tires, repairing sealants and more. You can expect to pay around $200 for a de-winterizing package, but it’s worth the investment in keeping your RV in good condition and safe for traveling.

If you’re looking for a mobile RV detailer, check the company’s website to see how much they charge. Some mobile detailing services will charge per hour, while others will base their prices on the size and level of detailing required. You’ll also want to consider any additional services or add-ons you may want, as these can add up quickly.

In general, you should expect to pay about $100 for a basic RV wash and detail. However, this can vary widely depending on the quality of the service and the level of detail required. You’ll also want to factor in the location of your RV and the details of your cleaning requirements.

A mobile RV detailer can be a great option if you’re short on time or don’t have the equipment to clean your RV yourself. Most of these companies will have mobile trailer washing stations that are suited for RVs, and they can handle everything from a simple wash to a full detail and wax.

When choosing a mobile RV detailer, make sure you choose one that’s nearby. This will cut down on the detailer’s fuel costs, which can make a big difference in the price of your detailing services. In addition, a local company will likely offer cheaper rates than a national chain. rv detailers in my area

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