Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangement is an art that first originated centuries ago and traveled all over the world, taking different forms in different countries is now a part of our lives. Flower arrangements first appeared in Classical Greek and Roman times and went on to be defined as an art in Europe from the 14th –17th centuries before turning east to America, China, and Japan.

The principles of traditional flower arrangements are balance, harmony, proportion, and color. All flower arrangements, if done in the traditional style, must embody these principles. These designs are inherited from an earlier time and are said to be decorative and appealing to our senses of touch, smell, and color in their form, texture, and fragrance.

If you have a garden that you would like to use for arranging flowers, find a vase you would like to use and support it with a base to stick flowers into. Cut flowers from your garden early in the morning, as the stems contain more water in them than later in the day and won’t wilt as quickly, then synchronize the color of your flowers with your environment. Of course, with practice, you can do much more inventing as you go along.

Since flower arranging is an art, how your arrangement looks finally depends on its creator. You can custom design your flower arrangements to suit a variety of occasions such as a wedding, corporate event, anniversary, or birthday. You can also make flower arrangements from all kinds of materials such as fresh flowers, dried flowers, silk flowers, and paper flowers. You can dress up your life with well designed flower arrangements. Choose, innovate, and create the magic of flower arrangements for fun and style. floristerias en santo domingo

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