Cache Level 3 and Early Learning Centres

A Level 3 childcare qualification in the UK demonstrates that you have the knowledge and skills to work with children aged up to five years. This will make you more competitive when applying for jobs in the early learning and child care sector. It also helps you gain higher-level qualifications, which can lead to a greater salary.

Early learning is an essential part of a child’s development and a critical foundation for success in school, work, and life. In New Zealand, the majority of children attend ECE services or Kohanga Reo (Mori childcare centres). ECE programs are guided by the Te Whariki curriculum framework and subsidised by the government.

Programs that pursue NAEYC Accreditation join a global community invested in quality early learning opportunities for all young children. NAEYC sets rigorous standards across all areas of the child care and education profession, from teacher preparation to learning environments. Programs that earn points in each of these areas are awarded the highest level of recognition, demonstrating a commitment to quality.

NAEYC’s standards are informed by the latest research on children’s brains and bodies. They reflect the guiding principles of high-quality teaching and learning, which include: Cache level 3 and Early learning centres

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