Duke Energy Customer Service

Duke Energy Customer Service can be reached by phone, email, or online. Duke Energy also has a mobile app that customers can use to manage their accounts. It is important to understand how to contact customer service so that you can get the help you need in a timely manner.

Customers can also find out information about their electricity or gas bill and report an outage by using the app. This way, they can avoid having to pay unnecessary fees. This app is available for iPhone and Android phones and provides users with a variety of helpful features. Customers can even set up automatic payments and monitor their energy usage. This app is easy to use and can save customers time and money.

The company’s customer service department works from 7 am to 7 pm on weekdays. However, it is possible to reach customer service after hours if necessary. For example, if a natural disaster occurs and Duke Energy’s systems are down, the customer can call to report the issue. This way, the company can take a proactive approach to resolve the issue quickly.

Duke Energy’s customer service representatives field between 600,000 and 700,000 calls per month. Of these, the majority are billing questions. Many of these are due to incorrect usage or a misreading of the meter. Often, these issues can be resolved by a visit from an energy specialist. In most cases, this is free.

Another common problem that Duke Energy customers face is a scam that involves fraudulent calls. The scammers are able to obtain the customer’s account number and other personal information from their social media profiles. Then, the customers receive an unsolicited call from someone who claims to be a Duke Energy representative. The fraudsters threaten to disconnect the customer’s power unless they make an immediate payment, usually within one hour.

Despite the high rate of complaints, Duke Energy has improved their customer service over the years. The company has implemented several changes to reduce the number of customer problems, including a website that makes it easier for customers to access their information and make payments. In addition, the company has a dedicated team of representatives who can answer calls from customers who are experiencing difficulties.

The company offers a variety of other benefits to its employees, including flexible work schedules, opportunities for career advancement, and competitive compensation. In addition, the company supports diversity and inclusion and is committed to providing a positive working environment for all its employees. If you are interested in working for Duke Energy, check out their careers page today.

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