3 Stores Selling Collapsible Camping Grill That Uses Wood

There are quite a number of stores selling collapsible camping grills that use wood such as: Preparedness, Safety Central, and eBay.

Camping grill is essential equipment when having outdoor trip. Since there are numerous models with diverse functionality, you need to pick the right unit that has the most benefits such as economical, versatile, and practical. The following are some of my suggested stores where you can find quality camping grills that use wood:


An online portal designed to meet various needs such as emergencies and other unanticipated situations. With their numerous products available, everything you need from survival, to first aid kits, to camping equipment, and to cooking gadgets like camp grill are just within reach. Here are some of their on hand camp grill units with their corresponding product descriptions:

Large camp grill – Chromed-plated steel with fold up design that is 24 x 12 x 9 1/2 inches in size is a type of grill that provides large space for cooking.

Stansport heavy duty portable folding grill – With collapsible frames, this allows convenience during transport. Its mesh layout speeds up cleaning process; thereby, making it more advantageous.

12 x 16 camp grill with folding legs – This heavy duty cooking device offers a lifetime guarantee, which is ideal for repetitive exposure on direct heat.

Adjust-A-grill – A fully-adjustable grill with stand is suitable for cooking various types of food. It has a sliding mechanism for easier adjustment and maneuverability. The complete temperature control is an added feature that allows even cooking.

Safety Central

Perfect campfire grill explorer – This is a simple, yet very functional tool with its knockdown and swinging feature that make cooking fast and easy. When folded, its size is 18 x 12 x 1.5 inches at 6 pounds in weight that can be stored and carried with ease.

Stansport folding pack grill – The height of the grill allows enough space for the wood to be positioned. The unit is made of lightweight materials that are portable and handy.

Grilliput portable stainless steel grill – This camping grill is made of steel that makes it durable. It has a quick assembly design that needs no tool at all.

The Rebel campfire grill – Campers have the option to use either a charcoal or wood with this new grill piece. With its 10 x 12 rack and pan, it allows full usage of the entire area.

Portable fire pit camp cook grill – It comes in round shape that weighs 1.5 pounds with a cooking surface of 13 inches. So affordable at $11.90 only, this is ideal even in unplanned outdoor activities.


Camping metal folding camp grill Ozark trail – This item can be bought at $14.99 that measure 24 x 12 x 8 in dimension. It is so versatile and heavy duty.

Campfire cooker BBQ grill – A bit pricey compared to other camp grills, this campfire cooker has the following descriptions: weighs 6 pounds and 10 ounces, 18 x 18 nickel plated rotating grill, and comes with a 2-in-1 coated vinyl bag. The adjustable feature permits freedom of movement and ease in operation. allstate customer service

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