YouTube for Business – Why Bother?

YouTube has turned into an internet phenomenon with over 50 million viewers watching more than 100 million videos each month, and it just keeps on growing. YouTube isn’t just for home made videos or videos of animals doing funny things. YouTube is also a high impact and affordable marketing platform for any business looking to grow their online presence. Whether you are a small or large business, using YouTube effectively will give you a massive edge over your competitors. We live in a society surrounded by TV and other visual media and thanks to YouTube, more and more businesses are looking at online video marketing to gain presence. Free to use, YouTube enables you to upload videos that can be seen by anyone anywhere.

Who would watch my videos?

You would be surprised to know that many people would watch a video about your product or service, as long as it is informative and engaging. What people are not interested in is watching a self promotional commercial. The videos that you create should be telling your target audience why they should be using your product or service. For example, how to troubleshoot a product should anything happen. You should also use the opportunity to show who you really are and put a face to the company – this will help you to build trust and rapport with your viewers. If you are able to come up with something really unique and quirky, content that your viewers will enjoy and remember – your video has the potential to go viral a reach a massive online community, in no time at all.

How will YouTube help me with SEO?

YouTube is another member of the social media family that can help with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Once video has been posted on YouTube it can then be tagged with keywords and indexed, which means it will increase the odds that your video will be found in organic keyword searches relating to your business. Your YouTube videos can then be found in YouTube searches, considered by many to now be the number 2 search engine, but also directly in Google search engine results. You Tube also offers another advantage – it is probably the biggest video hosting site online. This means you don’t have to use valuable space on your own servers, instead YouTube will host your video. Once it is uploaded to YouTube you can still display the video on your own website by embedding the code for your YouTube video into your own website’s HTML code.

How do I get started making a YouTube video?

Before getting started with your video marketing, you first need to sit down and plan what sort of videos you need to produce that will fit in with your overall marketing strategy. Don’t be misled into thinking all that is required is uploading a simple video commercial about your business, as this is not the case. To be successful on YouTube you need to understand all about the YouTube community and more importantly you need to be savvy about executing your marketing strategy.

Getting support

It is important to remember that the YouTube community is dynamic and growing all the time. Using a social media consultant to devise a creative and powerful YouTube video campaign can be extremely rewarding for your business

When getting started, using YouTube can seem very daunting and it’s likely that you will need the support of a local Web Design and SEO company who specialise in social media marketing. Specialists in this area will be able to help you with your YouTube marketing requirements. Don’t forget to use blogs and forums where possible as there will be lots of people who are happy to provide further support and talk about their own experiences and successes carrying out different internet marketing strategies. youtube like buy

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