Window Shutters – Why Choose North East Shutters?

Window shutters are a timeless and beautiful alternative to blinds or curtains that can be used to dress any type of window. They can also be fitted to doors and conservatories, transforming them into a feature in your home. The louvres can be adjusted to provide privacy, shade or light control while the closed position provides a superb extra layer of insulation keeping your room warmer in winter and cooler in summer. They will enhance the character of any property no matter how old or new and add to its intrinsic value.

A bespoke shutter can be made to fit any shaped or sized window or door including bay windows, apex or circular and are available in a wide choice of paint colours and wood stains as well as different louver sizes, shapes, and finishes. They are extremely durable, long lasting and will enhance the beauty of your home, blending perfectly into both contemporary and traditional homes.

They are easy to clean and offer superior ventilation whilst providing an excellent level of security. They are also energy efficient, helping to keep a room cooler in summer and warmer in winter, saving on electricity costs. They can be operated manually or electrically. If you choose electric operation, they can be operated by crank or rod from inside the house or motorised.

When lowered they form a solid wall of slats that can be opened or shut depending on your requirement and offer privacy, shade, and protection from storms. They are normally made from a material that reflects sunlight rather than absorbs it, so you can reduce heat gain in your home.

A range of shutters is available, ranging from budget to mid-range to high end. They may be fully or partially lowered and are usually opened and closed by a rod or crank on the outside of the window. Many are equipped with a mechanism to adjust the louvers from inside the home.

There are a number of materials available for shutters, with some being more suited to certain climates than others. The most popular and versatile are the wood, vinyl, and aluminum shutters. Wooden shutters are often the most expensive, but they also offer greater durability and longevity than vinyl or aluminum.

Founded by industry experts, North East Shutters designs premium, made-to-measure white shutters for UK homeowners and businesses. They offer a wealth of experience and expertise while using the finest materials and time-honed craftsmanship. LBD Studio was brought in to help them shape a brand name and proposition that reflected these values. The result is a name that exudes heritage and artisanal craftsmanship while resonating with local and national audiences. Window shutters north east

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