Why You Need an Online Dating Photographer

Online dating is a big business and many photographers are trying to cash in. Sadly, most don’t have the skills, knowledge or experience to take photos that actually work on Tinder, Hinge and Bumble. Dating photography is a specialized area of portraiture focused on helping people find the right matches through their profile photos. It’s about knowing what subtle cues are most likely to entice a person to click on your photo and then read your bio. It’s also about making sure that those little details are seen in the best light so that you stand out from all the other people on these apps.

For example, a smile is a very powerful signal to potential dates. A professional photographer knows how to catch your best smile and make it look natural. They will also know how to frame you in a way that shows your good looks off to the best effect. They can also tell you what to wear and what not to wear, depending on the message you want to send. Choosing the right locations is important too, as they can subtly influence the message your photo is sending out. For instance, if you’re in a luxury location, you might be implying that you like to date wealthy people.

The best dating photographer will also be familiar with the different types of shots that are most effective for each app. For example, a full body shot of you doing something interesting will usually get more attention than just a headshot. A full body shot with a fun backdrop can also help show that you have a sense of adventure and are open to new experiences.

A great dating photographer will have a wide range of equipment and styles of shooting to give you the flexibility to choose the shots that will work best for your profile. They will also be able to advise you on what type of lighting works best for your photos and will use natural light wherever possible to avoid any red-eye. They will also have a variety of props to help you look your best and can even suggest some poses for you to try out.

Getting your dating photos taken professionally will improve your chances of finding the right partner and can help you increase your engagement and likelihood of getting clicks, messages and second dates. However, it’s worth remembering that you should always test one thing at a time to see what works for you. This can be a change to your bio, your photos or your approach to messaging or flirting. Keep in mind that you should only do these things for about two weeks at a time so that you can measure what is working and what isn’t. Online dating photographer

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