What is a URL Shortener?

A shortener url is a tool that helps users cut the length of long links to make them more manageable, compact and visually appealing. These links are more suitable for limited character spaces in social media posts and text messages. They are also easier to remember and type manually. A few modern URL shorteners even add branding and tracking capabilities to give businesses, bloggers and marketers more control over the way their links are accessed and shared.

A URL shortener url works by first converting the original long link to an identification code. Then, the shortened version of the link is returned to the user. This short link can be used anywhere online and can be retrieved by using the identification code. Some shorteners even include tracking capabilities, which gives users data on how many people clicked the link and other relevant information that can be utilized for future marketing campaigns.

In addition to offering basic short link generation and tracking, some URL shorteners allow you to personalize your shortened links with your own branded domains, organize them by tags, cloak affiliate links and create QR codes. This helps brands and individuals increase brand awareness and trust among consumers. Some of these tools also offer security measures to protect users from malicious websites that may harm their devices or compromise their privacy.

Bitly is a popular choice for enterprises and small business owners who need to track their links and share them across multiple channels. The free account offers analytics and customization for up to ten unique links, five of which can have a custom back half. shortener url

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