What is a Talking Avatar?

A talking avatar is a computer-generated character that can produce speech. It can be used in video games or virtual worlds, but it is becoming more common in web design and other online applications such as customer service and online education.

Talking avatars can convey information in a way that is more engaging and easy to understand than traditional text. In fact, studies have shown that people are more likely to absorb and remember information if it is presented in a video format. This is because human-generated videos are considered to be more trustworthy, personal, and sociable than standard written text.

In the e-commerce context, many websites utilize non-interactive talking avatars that provide one-way greeting and product information to consumers. Based on previous research in the field of psychology, it can be inferred that users’ judgment of website credibility is influenced by social cues such as body gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, and voice tones. The present study aims to explore whether the presence of non-interactive talking avatar enhances (or diminishes) perceived social presence, information credibility, and website trust in an online store.

There are several talking avatar software options available on the market that can be used to create a talking character. Some of the more popular choices are Speechify Video, Voki, and SitePal. These software programs all have a variety of features, including the ability to add text and captions to your video presentation. Some of them also support a lip-sync function that can use your own pre-recorded audio file, text-to-speech, or a live recording of you speaking into the camera. talking avatar

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