Voiceover Artists

Voiceover actors are needed for a variety of media productions. Their work is to read scripts that provide information that cannot be seen from the main action of a visual or audio-only production. This information can be inserted “over” or during a video or radio production.

Expert voiceover artists understand how to make a brand’s message sound more authentic and believable, depending on the target audience. They also know how to choose the right tone, pitch, and emphasis to deliver a consistent voice across all advertising materials.

This career requires a great deal of practice and patience, especially in the first few years. It can be difficult to break into the industry and get a foothold, but those who persist and have the ability to take direction will find that it’s an extremely rewarding career. They may work for a number of clients, including ad agencies, television studios, movie directors, and radio stations.

As with other acting jobs, voiceover artists must have a good portfolio to attract potential clients. They usually work with a casting agent to market their skills to talent scouts who then conduct auditions for them. They also need to have a soundproof recording room (such as a converted closet or bedroom) with a microphone, a music stand for the scripts, a pop filter, recording and editing software, headphones, and a hard drive to backup their audio files. Most have a home studio, but some use professional recording facilities that have specialized soundproofing and acoustics. voiceover artists

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