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Hudson Yards calls itself a neighborhood, and while there’s the big luxury mall with an NFT store and Equinox, it also boasts a few worthy dining spots that elevate this massive development to a new level of cool. Greywind is the understated, elegant neighborhood restaurant you’d expect from the team behind Loring Place, a warm refuge among the corporate space stations of Hudson Yards that offers dishes like carrot hummus with candied ginger and seared scallops served in a bright fava-based green curry.

Houston’s thriving Montrose district is the city’s cultural hub and home to some of its most well-known restaurants, from the acclaimed Indian fine dining spot Kiran Verma to the fried chicken-slinging outpost from one of the city’s oldest institutions, Xochi. Other notable restaurants in the area include a burger-chan outpost from local music legend Bun B, Montrose favorite Lankford Grocery & Market’s kimchi-packed patty and a teppan bar from the crew at Tokyo Joe’s.

With a nod to the area’s Texas roots, barbecue is another pillar of Houston cuisine, and brisket and sausage are the stars of the show at spots like Feges BBQ, Killen’s, Truth BBQ and Corkscrew. Seafood is also a major part of the city’s culinary fabric, and places like Gatlin’s Fins & Feathers, Roostar and Nancy’s Hustle serve up some of the region’s best catches. best restaurants near me

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