Top 10 Tattoo Ideas For 2011

The new year is a great time to get inked, whether it’s an update to a previous tattoo or a brand-new piece that speaks to your current mood or passions. To help you find the right idea, we’ve rounded up some of the most in-demand tattoo ideas that are perfect for any type of skin.

The most in-demand tattoos for men include simple designs like this saber sword, which combines line work and negative space to create a dynamic design that’s as meaningful as it is masculine. Men can also choose to go bold with an anarchy symbol, which symbolizes freedom from the government.

Small, minimalist tattoos are a popular option for both men and women, and the best place to display one is behind the ear. This small frame design is an easy way to showcase a loved one or a significant date, and it’s sure to spark countless compliments from strangers.

Flower tattoos are always a classic, and roses rank at the top of most tastemakers’ list of favorites. To show them off in a stylish way, you can wrap a vine around your wrist or forearm or cover your thigh with a leafy willow tree.

Non-human creatures are a big trend in tattooing, but they can be tricky for beginner artists to create with perfect symmetry and shading. This BB-8 from the Star Wars franchise is a fun way to pay tribute to a beloved film franchise without having to recreate a human character. tattoo ideas

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