The Advantages of an Android Payment Terminal

When it comes to payment terminals, Android is quickly becoming the new standard. Legacy POS devices run on Linux systems, but the open and reliable platform of Android makes it easier to develop a range of software that adds value for merchants. Moreover, whereas a traditional terminal may be made by a single hardware manufacturer that also markets its own card payment solution, many POS manufacturers offer their models to other merchant service providers and card processors, meaning operators can pick the best device for them.

The newest Android SmartPOS devices have a Smartphone-like look and feel, while being powerful POS tools in their own right. This flexibility can deliver a real benefit to many different businesses and industries, including retail brands, pop-up shops, festival or event organisers, home services providers like gardeners or painters and the hospitality industry.

Adding more value to the Android terminal is the ability to run a number of different business applications, such as loyalty, inventory, staff and customer management. This orchestrated information and workflow enhances operations and provides a more personalized consumer purchase experience.

Android devices have a more compact, portable design than their Linux-based predecessors, and are easy to use when paired with an Android mobile phone or tablet. This makes them ideal for businesses on the go, such as pop-up retailers, events organisers, mobile food trucks or market stalls. They can be powered by a smartphone’s battery, or using a separate power source, to provide all day operation. android payment terminal

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