Sports Medicine Canton Ohio

Getting a second opinion from a Sports Medicine Doctor is often a good idea. Not only does it help confirm your original diagnosis, but it can also provide a new perspective from another physician that you may not have been familiar with. Using a tool like MediFind can help you find Sports Medicine Doctors near you who are experienced in treating your specific health condition. Our tools evaluate physicians based on their experience, patient volumes, and connections to other professionals who treat the same conditions.

Sports medicine canton ohio

A Sports Medicine Doctor specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and nonsurgical prevention of exercise- or sport-related injuries. They work with professional and school sports teams, and individuals who participate in physical activity for fun or fitness.

Dr. Calcei has worked as a team physician for high school, college and professional athletes. He loves working with athletes of all ages and levels, helping them get back to doing what they love.

When you visit a Sports Medicine Doctor, be sure to bring a list of your symptoms and how long they have been present. This will help the physician understand your symptoms and determine a treatment plan. You should also bring a copy of your medical records and a list of your medications, supplements and allergies. It’s a good idea to bring a friend or family member for support, and for the added benefit of having someone to help you remember your questions and answers. sports medicine canton ohio

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