Seven Reasons To Choose Bahama Shutters For Your Home

One way of enhancing your home’s exterior décor is by installing Bahama Shutters also called Bermuda shutters. These installations have a distinctive Caribbean look that gives your home that much needed dash of style. If you have been wondering how you can bring the groove back to your property, it is time you learnt more about this popular shutter design.

The Bahama Shutter Design

This type of shutter has fixed horizontal louvers which are fixed permanently using a frame mounted above the window. The top-hinged mounting system means the shutters are raised from the bottom to allow the breeze in. This design is not only beautiful but also highly convenient in case of a storm. These shutters can be swung shut instantly when a storm threatens your area. This is one great advantage this design has over side-hinged shutters when it comes to storm protection.

Advantages of Bahama Style Shutters

This shutter style is among the most popular designs in the market and for many good reasons. If you are planning to install shutters for your home, it is advisable to first compare the benefits each design offers.

For the Bahama shutter design, you will enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Enhanced Protection

One of the main reasons for installing window shutters is to protect occupants in your home and the property itself. If you are in a coastal area, you understand the ever present threat of storms. In fact, this is now a danger that threatens homes away from coastal areas. Bahama window shutters are durable and offer enhanced protection against high velocity winds and debris. They shut out storms effectively thus protecting the windows and occupants in the house.

  1. Aesthetic Touch

This is without doubt one of the most attractive window shutter designs in the market. These fixtures instantly add some tropical charm to your home. They easily blend with the rest of the house but can also become the focal point of the exterior décor. You can choose any color to complement the rest of the home or choose any other color to bring your property to life. Plantation shutters Newcastle

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