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When India strives to become the world’s youngest nation by 2020, approximately 64% of its population will decide the country’s socio-economic trends as the future workforce. The young working adults are already setting the investment pattern in luxury properties in a number of ways within the field of real estate in India.

Cities are bursting with a pool of talent from various regions, and these city dwellers are changing the mathematics of capital spending on luxury homes. Due to an increase in the living standards of the young workforce across different industries, especially IT professionals and entrepreneurs, the increase in demand for luxury housing such as serviced apartments, residential villas or luxurious flats has been significant.

The decision-making cycle of the millennials is determined by a clear desire for comfort and convenience in comparison to the bare minimum requirement of four walls under a roof, combined with an expanded disposable income. As a result, they choose to invest for a number of reasons in the luxury real estate; here are the top five features that inspire people to buy luxury villas in Noida.

A luxury home doesn’t just mean a postal address.

Living in his’ dreams’ home is actually finding some real ground for the buyer of a new-age luxury home. It is a matter of pride and prestige to him to own a house in a posh locality. The social constructs directly link luxury homes to the status symbol of the occupants which gives them a sense of satisfaction and delight.

Many luxury buildings are far from the city.

A quiet night with family or friends is what a person expects from his home, having spent half of his day in the hustle of the workplace, meetings, and another half in the middle of the traffic jams of the city. Since many real-estate providers in the suburbs are building luxury residences, investors can find all the composure and peace they expect from their homes.

Luxurious apartments offer all the new amenities.

People want to get the most from their hard-earned money, rightly, when they invest today in a house. Offering smart interiors, outdoor ship-like amenities and state-of-the-art facilities such as LED TV sets, Wi-Fi, trendy kitchen areas and associated parking facilities, the luxury properties provide everything you need to make your life more comfortable and luxurious.

The major advantage is state-of-the-art infrastructure and full security.

Luxury estate builders provide all the essential services for their housing projects, such as fitness centers, spas, swimming pools, laundries, restaurants and many more so that all products can be found within a stone’s throw of residents. Security 24/7 is also given due weight and funding in such homes with highly trained security personnel, CCTV cameras adequately installed and other high-tech security equipment.

Greater neighbourhood connectivity is a significant benefit for affluent residents.

Luxury housing companies can provide people with a safer and cleaner climate, particularly for their children, as well as less exposure to buildings ‘ residents. Modern, luxurious home purchasers are looking forward to socializing in a good neighbourhood with people with whom they share their style and living stature.

For addition, the valuation of luxury homes appears to be positive.

There is no doubt that the overall wealth of investors and subsequent demand for luxury property could also increase with growth in employment prospects in the coming years. Those who invest in luxury properties today will certainly benefit from tomorrow’s capital gains, such as improved land value and savings on recruiting costs, etc.

Why and where should you invest in the luxury real estate in Greater Noida?

Greater Noida is increasingly becoming popular amongst the millennials. It offers the perfect blend of job opportunities, a lavish lifestyle, utilitarian commodities, and sagacious investment options, which is why you should invest in real estate in the city.

Paramount Group is one of the leading luxury real estate developers in the city and which is known for designing sumptuous spaces for homes, retail and office buildings. Committed to developing superior quality properties, Paramount Group deliver innovative landscaping, superior designs, classy exteriors, and nifty interiors with their luxury residences.

With numerous sophisticated developments in its portfolio, the company has worked on some of most prestigious projects. Paramount Group has successfully created its own brand space in the market with projects likes Paramount Emotions, Paramount Golfforeste, Flora Ville, etc. Providing an amalgamation of technological with environment-friendly systems, they have designed their luxury villas in Greater Noida with the best of ‘Green Architecture’ and no compromises on comfort, style or quality. Serviced office in Qatar

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