Reliable Refrigerators Designed for Families on the Go

Reliable Refrigerators Designed for Families on the Go
Quiet, dependable and designed to improve your mobile living, Norcold AC/DC refrigerators are perfect for marine applications as well as RVs, vans and trucks. Featuring innovative sizes, features and advancements, they deliver value, ease-of-use and abundant storage for your family’s food and beverages.

A fridge is one of the most important accessories in any camper, trailer or boat, and this 3.3 cubic foot Norcold RV refrigerator offers plenty of easily accessible storage space and a spacious freezer. It uses a quiet hermetically sealed Sawafuji 12V compressor for reliable performance even at higher ambient temperatures and without disturbing noise. It also includes LED interior lighting, improved styling with “hidden” ventilation grill and closing freezer door and flush or proud mounting for installation flexibility.

A cab air conditioner from Dometic is an excellent way to keep the heat and humidity out of your truck or van while you’re driving between stops on your camping adventure. It’s also a smart way to save money on fuel costs, since you won’t have to idle your engine in order to cool off the cab. This model comes from the commercial trucking industry, where it’s known as a parking cooler and aims to reduce fleet fuel costs by allowing drivers to cool their cabs while they’re parked. It’s a powerful cooling system that’s easy to install and fits into a standard-size roof cutout. Unlike many rooftop RV air conditioners, this unit uses DC power rather than traditional 120V AC, so it’s less expensive to operate as well. norcold camper ac

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