Pros and Cons of Pt Online

Online personal training is something you’ll likely have heard about from the gym floor, from fitness influencers on social media, or seen in adverts on your mobile devices. It’s a way to access world-class health and fitness industry professionals without the need for face-to-face sessions. It’s a great option if travelling to a studio isn’t possible or practical. However, like all things PT related, it comes with pros and cons.

Online PTs work in different ways, but usually provide clients with a bespoke exercise programme that they can complete in the comfort of their own home or a local gym environment. During the initial stages of the programme, online PTs may ask for client information through questionnaires or an onboarding consultation. They’ll then use this to create a safe, effective programme that their clients can complete independently of them.

In some cases, online PTs will also offer nutritional guidance on top of their exercise programmes. This can be done through a basic Level 3 personal trainer qualification or even a more in-depth nutrition coaching course to boost their knowledge and expertise in this area.

During regular check-ins, online PTs will be on hand to give their clients any advice they require to optimise their results. This might be as simple as re-working a diet to reflect the time of year or suggesting some lifestyle tweaks like tracking calories or altering sleep patterns. They won’t be on hand to tell you off if you sneak in the odd Twix though! Pt Online

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