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NBA officially published the names of new members of hall of fame in 2009. The name,

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 Michael Jordan was in the list of names of hall of fame. It is due to his identity, a famous basketball player. In September, the official ritual is going to be held in Massachusetts, and the hall of fame is there. Michael Jordan said that he did not feel happy at all. Michael Jordan said that he did not hope he stand there and was introduced to the hall of fame. You could understand what it means. Your basketball career has completely finished, said Michael Jordan. I always view this matter from this perspective said Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan said that I hope the day of entering the hall of fame could be deferred. How I wish it could be someday in the future twenty years or it could happen after I have already died. I hope this day came after everything was finished. The superstar went on his words that all the time you have the view that as long as I change my shorts on, I can go back to the court to play basketball at any time. However, if you entered into hall of fame, how can you play basketball as you like? See, this is a great honor and this is the supreme admiration to every player said Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan said however, on my part, in my heart I always hope you could have the thought that I can come back, go back to the court, and go on playing basketball all the time. He sincerely hopes that we can keep this thought in future days and we never get the exact answer. He hopes we never get to know whether he could go back to the court and play basketball or not. When Michael Jordan said can I do it, his voice is choked with sobs. After that Michael Jordan clearly said no. However, he still hopes we can have the dream that one day he will go back to the court. Never say never of hall of fame maybe the best explanation that Michael Jordan toward life and basketball. Although Michael Jordan experienced a lot of sufferings, such as forbidding to participate in games just because of his short height, at last he still became the excellent student and extraordinary star in baseball team, basketball team and football team. Because he grew four inches in the summer between second grade and third grade, Michael Jordan was more concentrated on improving ball skills. What is more, he got twenty-five scores for school team averagely in every game. At forth grade, Michael Jordan was chose into the McDonald’s All-American Team and he also broke the history record in the games. After graduated from high school, Michael Jordan entered into North Carolina that he longing for a long time. Michael Jordan, as a new member, lived in the shadow of senior players, such as James Worthy and Sam Perkins. But Michael Jordan created the miracle in the final of NCCA and enabled the North Carolina wining the championship. MK shoulder bag

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