Ladies, What Does the Colour of Your Laptop Bag Say About You?

Do you always find yourself drawn to the same colour bags? Well, your penchant for a particular colour may just reveal a side of your personality you weren’t aware you were displaying. So what does the colour of your laptop say about you?

Black is the most common colour for a laptop bag but that doesn’t necessarily mean that black laptop bags are boring. Black is often associated with power and sophistication and can look very stylish indeed. However, it can also be associated with sadness and loneliness so if you’re feeling a bit down at work, it may be time to boost your spirits with a new brightly-coloured bag. Remember, when it comes to black laptop bags, design and texture are the key factors in determining whether your laptop carrier is a chic powerhouse or a desperate cry for help.

This ladies’ black leather business bag from Kenneth Brownne is well ahead in the style stakes. The satchel style makes it right on trend while the soft, high-shine Italian leather lends it a sleek and luxurious finish. Even in classic black, this Kenneth Brownne laptop case is sure to turn a few heads.


Like black, brown is another common laptop bag colour. Brown is typically associated with stability, endurance, justice, integrity and concentration. As a result, women who prefer to carry a brown laptop bag are usually well-grounded and fair-minded individuals whose hard work, determination and good judgement can be relied on to see a job through. If you are looking to prove to your boss that you are sensible and reliable enough to handle more responsibility at work, then a brown laptop carrier may just help you get that promotion!


Suffering from a lack of confidence at work? A red leather business bag may be just what you need. Red is a colour that has long been associated with passion, strength and courage and so women who carry red business bags certainly mean business. Women drawn to red laptop bags are typically ambitious, determined to succeed and are genuinely passionate about their jobs. They cope well under pressure and are not afraid to take risks, which due to their energy and dedication usually pay off.


Orange is an unusual colour for a laptop carrier but creates a very positive image of the woman who carries it. Like red, orange is a high energy colour. It has associations of courage, pride, ambition, enthusiasm, creativity, friendship, communication, success and opportunity. Women who carry orange bags are typically very popular and make excellent net workers and team players. They are excellent communicators with warm and friendly personalities who easily form good relationships with those around them. Orange fans take a lot of pride in their work and are very keen to succeed, often coming up with unusual and creative solutions to problems. Their optimism also gives them the courage to take every opportunity that comes their way. All in all, the combination of these qualities makes them very successful in life.


Feeling entrepreneurial? A green leather laptop bag might well give you the boost you need to be successful in business. Green has obvious associations with nature which may have a subconscious effect on others if you are trying to convince them of your concern for the environment. More importantly, however, green is the colour of growth, luck and prosperity and a green laptop bag may just be your new lucky charm at work.


With a turquoise laptop bag, you’re a breath of fresh air. Turquoise is a cool but vibrant colour that is associated with intelligence, creativity, honour and discipline. Women who feel drawn to this colour have bright, agile minds and weigh up all possibilities before making a decision. They are constantly coming up with innovative ideas that are measured and achievable.


A purple laptop carrier may also be a signifier of intellectual ability as this colour is typically linked with insight, inspiration and self-esteem. Women who always opt for purple bags are very astute and their in-depth knowledge of their field as well as their own personalities means that they can act swiftly and successfully in response to their gut instincts. As experts in their particular field, people often look to these women for leadership and advice. It’s no wonder purple is often associated with royalty!


Pink is a colour often associated with love and romance and those who wear a lot of pink are typically seen as youthful, feminine and full of life. People who are particularly drawn to pink are also kind and compassionate and form good relationships with their colleagues. The owner of a pink laptop case makes a good team player as she will try to dispel any negativity and restore harmony to the group. Michael Kors tote handbags

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