HVac Preventive Maintenance

HVac preventive maintenance is an essential strategy to guarantee the longevity and optimal functioning of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. By conducting regular inspections, cleaning and adjustments, HVAC preventive maintenance can identify and address potential problems, preventing them from escalating into costly and disruptive repairs. In addition, it reduces energy waste and enhances indoor air quality for occupant comfort and safety.

No one wants their AC unit to break down on a hot, humid summer day or their furnace to stop working on a cold winter night. However, these catastrophic system failures often happen due to the neglect of preventative maintenance tasks like replacing filters and lubricating motors. Luckily, these HVAC preventive maintenance tasks are easy for facility managers to execute, and most of them can be scheduled automatically using a CMMS.

Preventive maintenance tasks also include calibrating and adjusting sensors to ensure accurate readings. This allows technicians to detect and address issues with refrigerant levels, which affects performance. Clean filters also help improve indoor air quality by reducing dust, debris and other pollutants in a building’s air.

Another benefit of routine HVAC preventive maintenance is compliance with warranty requirements. Most manufacturers require regular maintenance to ensure that their warranties remain valid.

Incorporating intelligent building technology into HVAC preventive maintenance strategies can maximize efficiency and optimize the performance of commercial property assets. This can also lead to significant financial savings for property owners and tenants.

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