How to Select Refurbished RV Refrigerators

There are a number of things to consider when selecting refurbished rv refrigerators. First, you must ensure that the fridge is compatible with your RV. Then, you need to make sure that the fridge is capable of cooling down your food and beverages. Finally, you must choose the right size refrigerator for your RV.

Refrigerators use a process called compression to cool your foods and drinks. They take a pressurized refrigerant and then pass it over fins, which causes it to condense into a liquid. The cold liquid then draws the heat from your food and beverages, cooling them down to the proper temperature. Then, the refrigerant returns back to the compressor where it is repressurized and the cycle begins again.

If you’re unsure whether your RV fridge is working correctly, start by looking at the back access panel. Check to see if the propane and electric controls are shut off. If not, turn them off and then open the plastic door of the fridge. Look for yellow residue on the back of the fridge and a smell of ammonia. This is a sign of a leak in the refrigerator system, likely from the evaporator tube.

If you’re not comfortable poking around the inside of your RV refrigerator, hire a professional to inspect it for you. It’s important to do this before you travel so that your food and beverages stay safe. The professional can also help you with any necessary repairs. Rv awnings

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