How to Make a Chicken Puff Recipe

Chicken puff is a snack, meal or party appetizer that consists of flaky and buttery pastry wrapped around a deliciously peppered ground chicken filling. It is a baked recipe that is healthier and less fatty than the fried version. It is also a very versatile recipe. The filling can be adjusted to your liking and it is a great way to use up leftover chicken or meat. It can also be made ahead and frozen for later use.

The ingredients for this Chicken puff are easy to find in any grocery store and it is a very simple and quick recipe to make. It is also very affordable since it uses store-bought puff pastry sheets. The only other ingredient that is required is a good quality chicken meat that can be purchased for cheap at any butcher or supermarket.

To prepare this recipe, mix the ground chicken with the spices and herbs of your choice (picture 1). You can experiment with different combinations. Some examples include garlic powder, paprika, red pepper, or chaat masala. Vegetables like corn, mushroom, or peas can also be added to this recipe if you would prefer a vegetarian option. Nigella or sesame seeds can be sprinkled on top for a nice presentation.

Make sure the puff pastry sheets are completely thawed before using them (picture 2). They will become sticky if they are left at room temperature too long and it is very difficult to work with them when they are in this state. The best way to avoid this is to keep the puff pastry sheets in the refrigerator until you are ready to work with them. بف دجاج

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