How to Increase YouTube Views

Views are a YouTube video metric that show how many times your content has been watched. They are a good indicator of the overall success of your video and how engaging it is. Views are also a factor that influence the ranking of your videos on YouTube search results. This is why it’s important to focus on maximizing your video views.

So how do you increase youtube views? The best way is to produce high-quality video content that is relevant to your audience. In addition, promote your video using social media to drive traffic. It’s also important to note that the first 48 hours after a video is published are critical. This is when the video starts getting traction and begins to climb up the search results. Owen Video uses a strategy called “Video Velocity” to create this momentum. They acquire as many views as possible in the first 48 hours after a video goes live by rewarding their audience with exclusive content and then promoting the video across their social channels. This technique helps build a base of viewers that will continue to watch their content as it is added to the feed.

Does YouTube count repeated views?
A viewer watching a video multiple times within a day is counted as one view, up to a maximum of four or five views per 24 hours. However, this does not mean that you can buy fake views to inflate your engagement metrics. The platform has become smart enough to detect views purchased from third parties and will not add them to your view count or your videos’ monetization potential.

For TrueView in-stream ads (videos that appear before YouTube videos on desktop, mobile, and other platforms) and TrueView video discovery ads (which can be displayed on the watch page or search results), a view is counted when a user clicks the ad and watches at least 30 seconds of it. This includes any actions that occur during the ad like clicking a call to action, a website, or companion banners.

Why Does My YouTube Video’s View Counter Appear Stuck at 301?
YouTube employees periodically audit a large portion of the platform’s view counts to ensure that all views are legitimate. They do this because they don’t want the homepage to be cluttered with videos that have been artificially inflated. When they find any suspicious activity, the video’s view count will appear frozen at 301 until an employee manually verifies that the video has received legitimate views.

If you are interested in acquiring real views for your videos, it is best to use the video editor on the YouTube Creator Studio dashboard. There you will be able to set up view based alerts that will notify you whenever your video’s view count hits certain thresholds. This will allow you to quickly respond when your video’s views spike or fall and can help ensure that you are focusing on your viewers’ needs. youtube views

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