How to Find the Best CBD For Pain Relief

Everybody feels a little sore at some point — your neck creaks, your knee twinges, your jaw hurts after a tough Zumba class. While it’s always important to see your doctor to determine what’s causing your pain, there’s also plenty of other ways to ease the discomfort — including CBD, which has a growing legion of users who swear by its ability to reduce inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, and seizures.

In general, full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures offer the most body-wide relief, while topical products like creams and salves provide localized relief. But it can be difficult to know which brand to buy. We recommend looking for a company that offers transparency in their CBD supply chain, with clear information about where their hemp seeds come from and how much CBD is in each dose.

A great option for arthritic pain, this salve contains a blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients, as well as other herbs and nutrients that improve joint health. The salve is thick, but it glides easily over your sore joints, and it can be massaged into the areas that need attention.

CBD is thought to work by binding to nociceptors, which are pain receptors near the surface of your skin. However, research is unsure whether CBD creams reach the bloodstream and circulate to treat more systemic problems, such as arthritis or anxiety.

If you’re looking for a CBD product that’s easy to use on the go, these gummies are an excellent choice. They deliver 25 milligrams of fast-absorbing, extra-strength CBD to help ease chronic pain and anxiety. best cbd for pain

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