How to Diffuse Your Hair With a Hair Diffuser

Diffusing your hair doesn’t just cut down drying time; it also helps to reduce frizz, boosts volume, definition and gives your curls longevity. But it’s important to know the right technique before tackling your locks with this beloved blow dryer attachment.

To get started, make sure your hair is completely wet, either by washing it or running it under the shower. “A clump of curls that’s soaking wet will be more responsive to the heat of your hairdryer,” says Diaz. Then, apply your favorite product such as a volumizer or a heat protectant.

You’ll want to start diffusing your strands in small sections so the hot air can reach all of them without damaging them. According to Leigh Hardges, a top hairstylist who specializes in wavy and curly hair, thick and dense curls should look for diffusers with a lot of holes or customizable vents to dry more quickly, while thinner or shorter hair can be styled using ones with fewer holes or prong lengths.

Once you’ve found your perfect diffuser, start by gently hovering it over the roots and working your way down the head. Then, begin squeezing or “cupping” the diffuser around your curls in the same way you’d cup a Chia pet, says Torres.

The T3 Soft Curl diffuser, for instance, is one of Fitzsimons’ favorite picks for diffusing long hair because of its elongated prongs that help to keep curls clumped together while drying. It’s a top seller on Amazon with more than 11,000 five-star reviews. hair diffuser

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