How to Clean an Engagement Ring

When your engagement ring gets dirty, it starts to dull and lose its luster. Even more importantly, dirt can harbor bacteria that may lead to skin rash and cause discoloration of metals and gemstones. So it’s important to clean your ring on a regular basis to keep it hygienic, sparkling and looking great. Thankfully, cleaning your ring doesn’t have to be a hassle! In fact, you can get the job done with items that you probably already have in your home.

Depending on the type of ring and how frequently it’s worn, you’ll want to clean it more or less often. We recommend a weekly check-in with soapy water to keep everyday grime at bay. And about once a month, it’s a good idea to take your ring into the jeweler for a professional cleaning and inspection to ensure that no stones are coming loose or prongs are bent.

To clean your ring at home, you’ll need a bowl of warm to hot water mixed with washing-up liquid (or gentle dish soap) and a soft-bristled toothbrush. You may also add a little bit of hydrogen peroxide for its antibacterial properties. Soak the ring in this solution for about 15 minutes to loosen any grit stuck between the stone and setting or in the hidden crevices.

To finish up, run your ring under a steady stream of warm water to rinse away the soapy residue. Then, pat it dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. cleaning engagement ring

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