How to Choose the Best Call Center Headset

When call center agents are on the phones with customers, they need a headset that delivers clear audio and a comfortable fit. They don’t want to be distracted by the ringing in their ears or the voice of a co-worker in the same room. They also don’t want to feel like they’re wearing a heavy, cumbersome headset. Fortunately, there are a few options on the market to satisfy those needs while providing top-notch customer experience.

To ensure your team is able to hear their callers clearly, look for a headset that comes with noise cancellation features. You’ll also want to consider the microphone quality and clarity, especially if your team works from home or in an open office environment.

Lastly, make sure the headset you select has a durable design that will hold up to the frequent wear and tear of frequent use. There are a variety of headsets on the market that come in different sizes and styles, including single ear (monaural) or dual ear (binaural).

The Koss Pro USB Headset is one option that offers all of the call center features you need at a price that won’t break the bank. It has a noise-canceling microphone that reduces background noise, plus it features a headband and foam ear pads for comfort. The headset is lightweight, making it easy for your call center associates to wear for long periods of time. It also includes a default acoustic shock protection feature that protects your agents against sudden loud sounds. best call center headset

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