How Often to Pressure Wash House

The question of how often to pressure wash house is a little bit more complex than just asking “how often should I power wash my home?” The type and age of materials that make up the exterior of your building or outdoor surfaces, as well as weather conditions in your area, all play a role in when and how frequently you should get it professionally washed. For example, a house in a coastal region that’s exposed to harsh winds and salty rain will need to be washed much more frequently than a residential property in a more temperate environment.

Routinely cleaning the outside of your building is important for maintaining its structural integrity. Dirt, mildew, algae and other grimy buildups that accumulate on your exterior can eat away at materials like wood siding or concrete and eventually cause damage that’s expensive to repair or replace.

Most exterior cleaners price their services based on square footage, and they typically bundle the cost of washing your driveway, patio, gutters and house into one price that’s less than if you had each item cleaned separately. However, it’s also possible to pressure wash your house yourself if you know how to do it safely and effectively. If you’re planning to DIY your project, make sure to thoroughly research the best way to wash siding to avoid damaging it. And don’t forget to wear safety goggles! Start in a discreet, inconspicuous spot (like behind a bush or the bottom of a planter) and work your way up. pressure wash house

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