Gas Masks – Protect Yourself From Airborne Threats

The best gas masks will protect you from airborne threats in the event of a disaster. You can choose from state-of-the-art biohazard masks, chemical gas masks, nuclear gas masks, or masks that protect against all of the above. Depending on your needs, you’ll want a mask that’s certified to handle the specific threat you anticipate. You’ll also want a mask that fits well and is comfortable to wear, and there are plenty of options for that. You can even find masks that are designed to be used in conjunction with goggles for enhanced vision.

Many people are familiar with the military-grade gas masks that are often shown in movies and on television. However, most of those models aren’t practical for use in a survival situation. In fact, many of them contain dangerous chemicals like asbestos and chromium, and the filters aren’t capable of handling the specific threats that most preppers face.

You’ll find some models that look remarkably similar to the military-grade masks that you’re familiar with, but these are usually disqualified because of poor quality and impracticality. For example, the M17 military mask is still used by some, but it contains dangerously toxic asbestos and chromium and is not capable of protecting against a full spectrum of NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) threats.

A good survival gas mask will protect you against a wide range of airborne contaminants, from gases to solid particulates like mold spores or ash. These airborne threats can be the result of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or a pandemic. You’ll want to consider how many filter ports the mask has, what type of material the seals are made out of, and what level of impact resistance you need for your face shield. You’ll also want to consider what communication features you need, and what head harness style is best for you.

To be approved by the CDC, all US-made gas masks must undergo rigorous testing. They must pass tests for temperature swings, high humidity, abrasions, and rough handling. Some newer materials, like MOFs, are promising to improve the performance of the filters and the overall mask, but these haven’t been fully tested in real-world situations yet. In the meantime, you can purchase quality survival gas masks that are ready to perform in the field and have already been through extensive testing. gas masks

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