Fitness and Exercise Are a Very Important Part of a Healthy Diet

Our bodies are designed to be active – were not made to be couch potatoes, and that’s where a lot of our health problems begin. When you start exercising, it may be hard work at first, but it will get easier as your fitness improves. Don’t feel discouraged if you’re an exercise novice – it’s when you’re just starting out that the improvements in your health are most dramatic. Someone who’s never exercised before, then decides to take a gentle walk each day, will see far more noticeable benefits than someone who already goes to the gym five times a week and adds a new exercise to their routine.

And the fitness is a holistic concept – you need a variety of different kinds in order to get the maximum benefits. It also works alongside healthy eating, ti give you the best all-round health, and that all important feel-good factor.

Just as you need a balanced diet, you need balanced exercise. If you concentrate on one kind of exercise to the exclusion of all others, you won’t gain the all-round fitness that brings so many health benefits and makes you feel great. For example, whats the point of a man having terrific muscles, if he can’t run for a bus? And even if a women is fit enough to run a marathon, it’s not much practical use if her muscle strength isn’t enough to easily lift her toddler into the car. And although strength and stamina are all very important, being so inflexible that you can’t do things like bend down to tie your shoelaces makes life a lot more difficult. Flexibility also helps to make other forums of exercise easier, and reduces your risk of injuries.
You can divide exercise into three different types:

o Cardiovascular exercise – to keep your heart and lungs strong and healthy. It also helps with everyday activities like running up the stairs.
o Strength exercise – to build and maintain your muscles and bones. This helps with everyday activities like lifting heavy shopping and mowing the lawn.
o Flexibility exercise – for ease of movement throughout life. This helps with everyday activities like reaching up to high shelves and dealing with zips and buttons behind your back. Online träningsprogram

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