Finding a Caregiver Agency Near Me

Finding a caregiver agency near me is a highly personal decision. Whether you prefer an in-home health care agency or someone you hire directly, you will need to determine your loved one’s needs and limitations as well as your financial situation.

Home healthcare agencies typically provide a wide range of services including aides who help with daily activities and other specialized tasks. The aides are trained and monitored by the home care agency. The agency also handles payroll, worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance.

In-home healthcare services are a valuable resource that empower families to keep their loved ones in familiar surroundings, where they are happiest and most healthy. Studies show that people who receive assistance with daily living can live longer and better, in their own homes.

When selecting a home healthcare agency, check for accreditation and certification. Ask the agency to send you a packet of information that includes the services they offer, fees and references. Also ask the agency how they match caregivers with families. Inquire about the background and experience of workers, whether they are certified in a particular service area, and what their duties and responsibilities are.

Private-duty registries (also called private-duty referral services or staffing companies) connect families with independent home health workers. They often charge a fee for the service and may require you to pay for the caregiver’s training and background checks. However, you have more flexibility with a registry, and the ultimate responsibility is yours for hiring and firing the attendant. caregiver agency near me

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