Explosion-Proof Actuators

Explosion-Proof Actuators
A safe work environment requires an extra layer of protection against potentially explosive conditions. This is where explosion proof actuators come in, designed to prevent an internal electrical spark or explosive gas from escaping and triggering an external explosion. To achieve this, they are typically made from non-sparking materials and have a sturdy shell that is designed to contain any internal explosion without causing harm to its surrounding area.

They are also typically constructed with long and narrow flame paths that slow the release of flammable gases, prolonging their escape to ensure they cool adequately as they leave the equipment. This can be particularly important for areas like grain elevators or bakeries where flammable dust may be present, requiring specialized equipment to manage airflow and prevent fires.

Electric actuators can be built for a variety of environments and industries, and are available in a range of sizes. To make sure you choose the right one for your needs, it is essential to consider factors such as the zone and division where it will operate, the temperature rating, and its ability to handle vibration and shock.

Linear electric actuators are the straight shooters of the pack, converting electrical energy into linear motion. They can be used to open and close multileaf dampers using a 2-wire control signal or with a solenoid valve that is opened with compressed air and closed by spring force. These actuators have a tube connection for compressed air and an opening that remains open for other connections. Explosion-Proof Actuators

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