Does Moonfall Have an End Credit Scene?

Does Moonfall Have an End Credit Scene?

If you’re in the market for a new thriller, be sure to check out Moonfall. The film, which features Brian Harper and Jocinda Fowler, is a good addition to your movie collection. It’s a good, funny, and very fast-paced movie, with an interesting cast, and a few surprises.

Brian Harper and Jocinda Fowler

The end credit scene of Moonfall features the disgraced NASA astronaut Brian Harper and his ex-wife Jocinda Fowler. It’s a bit of a surprise. I think this is the first time a film has had both characters in the end credits.

As a disgraced astronaut, Harper was fired from the NASA. He claimed that there was an alien force in space that attacked his shuttle.

Afterward, he had to go through a very public backlash. In addition, his wife, Jocinda, was also dismissed from the organization. However, Harper returned to the organization.

His teenage son, Sonny, is also in trouble. After the OJ Simpson stunt, he gets arrested.

When his son is released, he must face the consequences of his actions. He has to get home, and save his family. And he has to do it all while dealing with a very unhappy wife.

While he’s at it, he’s going to need help from a few people. But how can he do that, and who can he trust?

That’s where KC Houseman comes in. He is a megastructuralist and an astronomy enthusiast. His theories on the moon are far from confirmed, but he makes a discovery that changes everything.

As a result, he contacts Brian Harper. Harper is divorced, and his son has been arrested. They must join forces to save the world.

In the process, they are forced to confront their own demons. Despite the fact that they’re working for an agency that spurned them, they must now reunite to save the planet.

While the story may be a bit implausible, Moonfall does manage to be pretty wild. It has some great eye candy, but it doesn’t do a great job of balancing a predictable plot with a bit of drama.

Overall, Moonfall is an entertaining disaster movie. It’s not very good, but it’s definitely more exciting than your average slapstick comedy. If you want to watch it, you can pre-order it on 4K Blu-ray. It’s out on February 4, 2022. This is a good movie for bad movie nights, but it’s not a great one.

KC Houseman on “Game of Thrones”

The new “Game of Thrones” film Moonfall is a disaster movie. The story is about the Moon slamming off the orbit and heading toward Earth. It stars John Bradley, Patrick Wilson, Halle Berry, and the cast of the hit series. In addition, it features sound effects and an audio commentary from director Roland Emmerich.

In the film, the moon has been wobbling for several years, but the astronauts Jo Fowler (Kelly Yu) and Brian Harper (Charley Plummer) are unaware of its change in trajectory. Their routine mission is interrupted by a freak accident. They find themselves fighting for their lives. A team of task force led by Gabriella Auclair (Maxim Roy) attempts to rescue them.

When the two astronauts are not able to reach the surface, a massive explosion takes place. Debris and bodies crash onto the vessel. Luckily, Wilson escapes unscathed. However, the rest of the crew is sworn to stop the destruction, and the astronauts bicker over the lyrics of Toto’s “Africa.”

John Bradley, who plays the eccentric scientist KC Houseman, is a fan of Carl Sagan. He is also a megastructurist who believes that the moon is an artificial structure that was made by the intelligent design of humans.

Director Roland Emmerich has worked on films such as Independence Day and Supernova. He has a background in disaster movies. During the premiere of the film, fans of the show were able to attend the premiere. Several actors were in attendance including Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Kristofer Hivju, Ben Crompton, and Nathalie Emmanuel. Also in attendance were Gwendoline Christie, Sophie Turner, and Alfie Allen. Afterward, the cast was able to speak about their experiences working on the film.

Fans of the show should definitely check out the new film. It will be available to stream on Now TV. Alternatively, it can be found on DVD. All in all, it is a fun watch, even if it may not be a hit with most viewers. It will also be a great addition to the upcoming season of the hit HBO series. It is sure to make some fans even more excited for the return of the show!

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