Diamond Painting Accessories

Diamond painting is a fun, creative hobby that’s suitable for everyone. The process is fast and easy to learn, and it doesn’t take much time to produce an impressive piece of artwork.

To get started with diamond painting, you need to invest in a few essential items that will help you craft a masterpiece. These accessories can range from the most basic to more advanced and sophisticated ones, all designed with the user in mind.

First, you need a canvas to work on. These canvases are available in blank, themed and personalized layouts, and they should be high quality and durable to withstand the hours of diamond painting. Some of them even feature special printing techniques, such as a glossy finish and shimmery, reflective colors.

Another important accessory is a tray, which helps you align your diamonds before you place them on the canvas. This is particularly helpful if you’re using square-shaped diamonds, as the tiny uniformed ridges in the tray can ensure that all of your diamonds will fall into place correctly.

The tray also allows you to keep a handy reference guide, which will help you sort out all of the diamonds you’re using. It comes with a number and symbol on each tray, so you can easily identify them when it’s time to pick out your diamonds.

Light Pad

A diamond painting light pad is a must-have accessory for anyone who’s serious about this craft. These pads come in different thicknesses and sizes, so you can adjust the lighting to your liking. Moreover, they are available in a variety of colors, including purple and pink.

Ergonomic Applicator Pen

Having an ergonomic applicator pen will make it easier for you to apply diamond drills on the canvas, without straining your hands. These pens are thick and designed to match the natural curve of your fingers, making them easy to hold and work with for long periods. They also come in a variety of colors, so you can choose one that matches your personality and style!

Roller Pin

A roller pin is an excellent accessory for fixing your diamond drills firmly in place. These can be purchased in plastic or foam, and they come in a variety of shapes to suit your needs.

These pins are great for helping you pick up diamonds that have popped out of the drill tray, and for keeping them in place once they’re on the canvas. They can be found in various sizes, and some are even soft and foamy to help you avoid any pain or rubbing.

Additional Glue

Diamond glue is a must-have for any diamond painter, as it’s the perfect way to seal your masterpiece. Whether you’re using a 3D or 5D diamond paint, it’s vital to use a high-quality, strong glue that won’t peel or flake off once your canvas is finished.

AB Rhinestones

A favorite among diamond painters is AB rhinestones, which are dainty, iridescent diamonds that add shimmer to your designs. They are ideal for holiday-themed canvases and customized projects for special occasions. diamond painting zubehör

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