Dental Surgery Equipment

dental surgery equipment is required for a variety of procedures that include dental extractions, bone grafts, and other surgical interventions. Whether your dental practice performs only surgical procedures or is a general dentistry clinic that offers surgical services, you need specialized surgical tools to ensure patient safety and optimal outcomes.

These instruments help you to manipulate tissues and enhance access to the oral cavity. They also provide a clear field for vision and facilitate anesthesia administration. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and functions, with some being designed for a specific procedure. For example, you can get a carpule-type syringe that has great advantages over conventional syringes for locoregional anesthesia, including its ability to aspirate by pulling the plunger back, the possibility of changing needles without suffering damage, and ease of control.

The surgical forceps come in a variety of designs. ProDentUSA sells periotomes that cut periodontal ligaments to minimize tissue trauma during tooth extractions, and elevators that loosen teeth from the gums. Dissecting forceps are useful for bringing flap edges closer, compressing hemorrhagic tissue, or picking up fragments of bone and other materials.

Dental retractors are also available for tissue retraction to improve visualization of the site or for aspiration protection. The GNZ Minnesota retractor is perfect for the latter, as it is designed to be sturdy and comfortable in your hand, while offering high suction. You can also purchase other retractors such as Frazier and Yankaeur models.

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