Custom Wardrobe Closets

You call out a custom trim carpenter to quote you a wardrobe (you know how busy these guys are). He comes over and takes measurements, but when it’s time for the quote, you’re stunned at the price – it just won’t fit your budget.

This is where a professional custom wardrobe closet design company can help you. Professionals can work within your budget and design a system that not only fits perfectly in your space, but also meets all of your storage needs. In addition to wardrobe cabinets, they can also add elements like crown molding and beautiful glass doors to give your room a finished look.

Wardrobes offer a variety of storage options, including drawers for delicate items and accessories. They also provide hanging spaces with rods for clothes and outerwear. If you have a large space, they can be built from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, maximizing your storage.

The design of a wardrobe can be tailored to your specific needs, including the size of your shoes. You can even have shoe shelving units installed that can display your entire collection of shoes, making them easy to find when you want to wear your favourite pair.

Other options include smart retrieval systems that speed up the process of finding a particular item, and specialised accessories like tie racks, belt racks and valet rods, which make it easy to keep jewellery organised and accessible. If you choose to work with a professional to design and install your wardrobe, they can also offer warranties and maintenance options for your new investment. custom wardrobes

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