Crystal Abundance Bracelet

An abundance bracelet is a tool to tap into the universal abundance of love, health, and money. It contains a blend of crystals that may help you manifest your wishes.

It includes citrine, known as the merchant stone, which is believed to attract prosperity and wealth by eliminating fear of loss. It also stimulates the root and sacral chakras to open you up to a positive mindset. Jade is a stone of abundance and support, creating a sense of harmony. Green aventurine is a manifestation stone that attracts good fortune and helps to manifest wealth. This abundance bracelet is also blessed with the OM symbol to encourage serenity and the Hamsa hand charm for protection. It is best worn on the left wrist to align with receptive energy.

Crystals have healing properties and when you wear a crystal bracelet, the crystals enter your aura to heal and transform it. Make sure you cleanse your crystals before wearing them for maximum benefit.

Please note that the stone pictured is not the one you will receive as each piece of gemstone is unique. It is cleansed and charged with Reiki before shipping to you. Each item is made with loving intention. Crystals are natural products and may have internal dents, marks or scratches. This is normal and part of the beauty of the natural stone. These imperfections do not affect the energy of the gemstone and it will still carry a powerful and loving vibration. abundance bracelet

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