Conservatory Roof Replacement – How to Choose the Right Roofing Option for Your Conservatory

A conservatory can bring so much value to a home, providing a space for relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. However, it isn’t uncommon for them to start to deteriorate after time. Problems such as leaking and temperature control may become more frequent and could leave you with a conservatory that isn’t as functional as it once was. Replacing your conservatory roof is an ideal solution for these issues and can help restore it to a usable and enjoyable part of the house again.

Whether your existing conservatory is a lean-to, Victorian, Edwardian or P-shaped design, there are plenty of roofing options available to you. You can choose from polycarbonate sheets, tiles or a glass roof depending on your budget, personal preference and the style of your existing conservatory.

Polycarbonate roof sheets are the most common choice amongst homeowners when they’re looking to replace their conservatory roof. This material is easy to install, costs less than tiles or glass and still lets in a lot of light. Polycarbonate also offers good thermal performance and should last you for up to 20 years without any major issues. However, if you’re aiming for an eco-friendly replacement roof then this might not be the best option for you as it isn’t recyclable.

If you’re looking for a more modern look, a glass conservatory roof is a great choice. It will add a sleek, stylish and contemporary finish to your conservatory and can be complemented by aluminium frames for an even more refined look. Glass is a good insulator, keeping your conservatory warm in winter and cool in summer and you can opt for a self-cleaning coating for added convenience. Glass isn’t the cheapest option however and can be more expensive than polycarbonate or tiles.

Tiles are a more durable roofing option and can really make your conservatory feel like an extension of the rest of your property. It will feel more like a room that you’re using all year round and can be finished with contemporary skylights for additional natural lighting. A tiled roof will also be able to reduce noise from outside, making it ideal for use as a living space or home office.

A solid conservatory roof will be a lot more expensive than any other type of roof. This is because it requires more structure within the existing frame to support the weight of the new roof materials and ensure it doesn’t fall in. Solid roofs offer good insulation though and can be complemented with aluminium frames for a beautiful finish. conservatory roof replacement

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