Choosing an Employee Communication App

An employee communication app is a digital platform for sharing company updates and resources with staff, most commonly via mobile devices. It enables a more engaging, consumer-grade experience that aligns staff and supports their roles in the workplace by delivering content relevant to them.

The best employee communication apps are designed with multiple features that support both two-way communications and collaboration. They also integrate with other enterprise applications and platforms, making it easier to share information and updates across departments. In addition, many of these tools include a people directory that makes it easy to connect with colleagues.

Choosing the right employee communication app starts with deciding which functionality you need. For example, do you need an internal news feed, instant messaging or a people directory? Once you have an idea of what you need, research the options available. Look at the types of features each one offers, such as targeting, scheduling and recurring messages. Also, check whether they allow for customization so you can apply your company branding.

Some internal communications apps have extra capabilities, such as project management tools. For example, Trello helps employees keep track of their tasks by allowing them to comment on projects and assign tasks to other team members. These features can boost engagement, especially in remote teams.

Other features found in some employee communications apps include mandatory reading and two-way instant messaging. For example, the firstup employee communication app allows workers to chat in private or in groups, and enables admins to require acknowledgement of critical content. Similarly, Simpplr offers a chat function that can be used in conjunction with other workplace tools and can be customized to match your brand.

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